the king and i

Blazer: Vintage (similar) / Top: Hunt Club / Breeches: Noble Outfitters / Belt: Tory Leather / Boots: Madewell

It only took five years, but I have a photoshoot with my horse, King! Actually, the five-year anniversary of me having him seemed like a great time to book a photoshoot. I knew I wanted it in the autumn, when the barn is surrounded by gorgeous fall colors. I also knew I wanted one "equestrian" look and one more fancy look. I probably wouldn't actually wear the blazer to ride in, and certainly not Madewell boots, but everything else is part of my riding getup. Ok, I did buy the shirt and belt specifically for these photos, but I have already worn them again since!!

King was a very good boy for most of this shoot! I think he was relieved he didn't actually have to do any work haha. Plus getting his attention with some granola treats helped, too. I just love how these turned out and I probably won't ever stop posting them so sorry!

Thank you to Alicia for the beautiful photos:  


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