cabin in the woods

 Sweater: Kiel James Patrick / Jeans: Frame (on sale!) / Boots: Madewell

Headband: Target / Earrings: Madewell / Bag: Chloe

I'm back on the blog! Haven't made it back here for a while because of, well, ~everything~. Tbh I'm totally fine that I skipped right from spring to fall here on the blog. Because fall is the best. And to celebrate the season, and for getting through the past six months, my family and I booked an AirBnB in a national park. We stayed at this gorgeous cabin which had absolutely no reception but lots of board games and cozy blankets. It was such a restful and much needed lil getaway. And even though the temperature said 75, I said AUTUMN and threw on this oh so perfect sweater. I may just curl up in it and hide until 2021...!


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