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Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

It's here! King's long overdue appearance on the blog! These photos were actually taken years ago (okay maybe just two), and somehow got "hidden" on my camera. Well the other day I plugged my card into my computer again and they all reappeared! YAY! Not that I wouldn't happily redo a photoshoot with my baby! Especially since I'm lucky enough to ride at such a picturesque barn. Of course this post is really to show off my horse, and not much in the way of a fashion post. Although equestrian fashion is v swanky!

If you didn't know, King is my other baby besides my pup, Addy. I've been leasing him for almost four years now and we have really grown together. He has taught me so much about being a better rider, but even more importantly he's continually teaching me how to relax. King in particular is a very sensitive horse, so it really matters how I hold myself on him. And of course he can sense if I'm overthinking or stressed too. Basically riding is my therapy and I love him a lot and look how handsome he is!!!

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