Maui, Hawaii, USA

this summer i swam in the ocean

Swimsuit: Solid & Striped / Cover-Up: Summersalt
Sunglasses: Celine / Earrings: Etsy / Hat: Similar / Sandals: Birkenstocks

I'll let you in on something weird about me - I'm not really a beach person. My idea of a beach is a wet outcropping in Ireland that I can ride my horse through (can you tell I've thought about this?). Any other kind of beach, for me, is just a place to read a book. Well I'm glad to say that I didn't even bring a book down to the beach by our hotel in Maui. I think it was a combination of the stunning beauty of the beach and the boost of confidence provided by my new swimsuit. 

I've only done one other swim post on my blog (here, if you're curious), and since then I've followed a lot more non-size-2 (or even size 8) ladies on Instagram and blogs. There really is something about seeing someone with bigger thighs and rounder tummies out there living life in a swimsuit. When buying this Solid & Striped one-piece, I originally thought the belt might be too fussy. But you know what? It's awesome. It really makes the look. I can't recommend this suit enough - it's so soft, the straps and comfortable and adjustable, and it looks fab. It's definitely not the most supportive swimsuit, as it's unstructured and has thin fabric, but dang if you don't feel great in it. 

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  1. i would love a post about your favorite non-size-2 bloggers to follow, if you haven't done so already!


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