Maui, Hawaii, USA

maui rose

Bodysuit: Leith / Skirt: Reformation (similar) / Sandals: Josef Siebel /
Sunglasses: Celine / Earrings: Madewell (similar)

On our third day in Hawaii, we did the Road to Hana ride. I am incredibly happy to say that I did not do any actual driving, nor would I have wanted to, as the road snakes along the side of cliff with hairpin turns and rickety bridges. That being said, it was only got truly scary just a few times. Since it's a marketed and popular tourist thing to do, the road can get crowded, especially at certain stops along the way, like the gardens and waterfalls. We kind of just drove past these on our way to Hana, but made more stops at some scenic look-out points on our way back. These viewpoints are the main attraction, as Hana itself is a pretty small town/beach. But the views even from the car are astounding!

I bought several midi/maxi skirts before this trip, two from Reformation. I love the idea of these skirts but then I actually own them and have no idea how to wear them. Lo and behold: bodysuits. Though intrigued, I'd never ventured into this sartorial territory. And while the feeling of being a large baby is weird, I can't deny that they do their job. All of this is a bizarre way of saying, here's my outfit lol.

More from Hawaii coming! Yes I am not done yet!!

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  1. okay but these are some of my most favorite photos of you ever! Esp the super sunny one with the huge grin in front of the palm tree!!


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