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ice cream!!!!!

Dress: Nordstrom (similar, similar)
Earrings: Oceanne (similar)

Screamin for ice cream!!! I almost didn't make it to the beloved Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco because I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PUT IT ON MY TRAVEL GUIDE. I don't know how I totally blanked like that, but luckily my mom brought it up on our first day there and we managed to snag tickets for the following evening.

I think loving ice cream is one of the defining traits of my personality. Truly. Any time of day, any day of the year, if there's a chance I can have ice cream, I'm gonna take it. If I could have a milkshake at every meal I totally would. Because, as is the premise of the Museum of Ice Cream, there is inherent joy in it. The sweetness, the colors, the nostalgia, the variety, the treat of it all. Ohio is blessed to be home to many original ice cream shops, and sometimes I can be a bit of a snob about the quality of my ice cream!! So with those ~qualifications~ put forth, here's my mini-review of the Museum of Ice Cream. 

The ticket price is steep ($30 a person) but this does include admission to the museum as well as snacks throughout. The ice cream treats were actually quite tasty, I was surprised! They had really refreshing popsicles and one of the most delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches I'd ever had. You do learn some facts about the history and nature of ice cream along the way, and of course every room is so fun and different - from the diner setting to a room full of fridge magnets to be played with, a mirror room, and of course the sprinkle pool. For all that the museum sticks out as an Instagram/social media magnet, the lighting inside was actually quite terrible - which is why my dress kind of appears different colors. Kind of annoying, but still a very fun place to explore!

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