Nice, France

TBT - Nice, France

Top: J.Crew (similar) / Skirt: & Other Stories (similar, similar) / Sandals: & Other Stories /
Sunglasses: boutique in Nice (similar) / Earrings: J.Crew (similar) / Bag: boutique in Nice

Hello, throwback! I recently found these photos from our trip to Nice, France way back in 2017! Actually, I pulled this skirt out storage and thought - hey, didn't I take blog pictures of this? Which then made me go through my camera's memory card to dig these photos up. I'm glad I did! I still love this skirt, which I oohed at online for awhile before finally buying it - something that I do often right before vacations. I absolutely love midi skirts for summer, so I'm sure I'll be wearing this piece again soon.

Also you might notice that I switch bags halfway through these photos. I had brought the black bag from home and then during this day we stopped into a local boutique where they had a variety of basket bags. I didn't own any at the time (I have two now, whoops) and thought it was very appropriate for my Mediterranean trip. Another piece I'm excited to pull out again!

I think there's something so special about looking back on photos from a trip with fresh eyes. I'm not sure why I hadn't posted these photos right when we came back - maybe I didn't think the outfit looked that good, or I looked chubby, or they just weren't worth it. But now I look back and remember walking through that flower market - Coursa Saleya - and buying the bag and getting ice cream right after. A beautiful day, and I'm so grateful to have photos that spark that memory for me.

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