sunshine, daisies, butter mellow

Jean Jacket: Levi's / Top: Old Navy (similar) / Jeans: Topshop /
Belt: Gucci / Sneakers: Adidas / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Earrings: Oceanne (similar)

Hello summer! Celebrating being on break and the nice weather with some blog photos! I've been wearing some variation of this outfit a lot lately. These yellow Adidas are a new favorite - so comfy and easy to throw on with just about anything. I'd been wanting a colored pair of Adidas sneakers for a while, and then I definitely bought these after seeing them on Brie Larson in her new movie The Unicorn Store. Yellow seems to be my color for the summer, which may be a bit obvious, but it's so fun. 

The jean jacket is a passion project in the works - I'm wanting to just totally cover it all up with patches and pins. (Ok yes Brie's character also does that in the movie, but she's just a style icon, what can I say?). When I put it on my mom goes, "So you're an anxious feminist who supports women artists and Parks and Recreation?" Basically, yes. I am good with that description!!

P.S. - I'll probably do another post when I fill up the jacket with more things, but for right now the majority of my patches and pins are from Etsy!

P.P.S - Turn this stupid fat rat yellow! A memorable Ron quote to go with my "I love Ron Weasley" pin. Classic.

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