birthday wishlist

I have to say, I love my birthday. Okay, obviously, but I don't mean the whole "yay it's all about me" thing. More like, I love the timing of it, you know? It just feels very me. I'm definitely a winter baby and February is still very much winter, okay. It's got some good spacing from Christmas and Valentine's Day. I was actually born prematurely and was supposed to be born in March. March would so not be me. An Aries? Can you imagine???? A lot of people hate on February but we have so many holidays packed into one short month. We get to still wear our favorite winter coats while tentatively slipping on some spring fashion too. Or maybe that's just me. All of this is to say: here's what I've been eyeing for my birthday next week.

I've gotten more into jewelry recently - probably thanks to repeircing my ear for the third time, ugh. I tend not to wear a lot of rings because I just forget, but the ombre piece from Local Eclectic would make me remember, especially if I stacked it with some of the other birthstones! And, as always, pale pink is a constant in my wardrobe whatever the season. Also v into mustard apparently. And then, Gucci dreams. Always.

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