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power pink

Sweater: Halogen / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: & Other Stories (similar) /
Belt: Gucci / Beret: Similar / Bag: Chloe / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

I don't usually have much of a "formula" for my outfits. One time in college I read that you should start with your shoes and work your way up, which isn't a bad idea. Other people say to start with the accessories, but I don't tend to do that. What I do, I think, is pick one or two pieces that are - let's face it - shiny and new that I want to highlight, then build off of those. It kinda worked out for this look, wanting to photograph this Blair Eadie sweater I'd been wearing nonstop, with my new pink boots that I'd been wanting forever, a random beret, plus my new Gucci splurge. 

As with most of my more expensive purchases, I'd thought about this belt for a while. Like, over a year. And then I thought - well, now I've waited so long, will it even be in style anymore? But that didn't matter, because both the experience of buying it and wearing it has made me love it. (And I do still see my own favorite fashion bloggers wearing their belts, so it is still in style yes?). Ok so what the heck is "the experience of buying it?" A pretentious annoying thing to say, for one. But going to Harrods on a whim at Christmastime in London and riding the escalators up and down to find the Gucci department was totally surreal. And then dropping a ton of money was also surreal, but mid-year paycheck present and all that. Anyway I expect it'll be on the blog a lot! And I expect you will get sick of it! Oh well!!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend (mine is a long one - hooray!). Thanks for reading!
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