London, UK

easy come, easy go, a little high, little low

Coat: Burberry (shop plaid coats here) / Sweater: J.Crew /
Jeans: Topshop / Belt: Gucci / Boots: Rag & Bone / Bag: Chloe

Sometimes I know exactly where I'm going with what outfit and have the backdrop and "set-up" all planned out. Other times I don't brush hair, barely put make-up on, but still take photos because I' in London and I pass some red phonebooths and I want to highlight my new belt. These shots were taken at Carnaby Street, which my mom and dad were excited to visit since it reminded them of the sixties. I was excited to visit because one) it has a ton of great shops and two) it was currently Bohemian Rhapsody themed so Rami Malek's gorgeous mug was everywhere and I was having a blast singing along to the neon lyrics hung up in the alleyways. London sure does know how to have fun.

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