5 years!

Wowowow, on this day in 2014 I hit "publish" on my first blog post. Back then, the blog was called "Julia Adele" (my handle for pretty much everything, inspired by countless other bloggers who use their first and middle names). Back then, I used my old Olympus camera I'd had for years. Back then, I was just about to start my second semester studying abroad in England, which made for more exciting photo backdrops and shopping opportunities than my hometown in Ohio. Back then, I begged literally anyone who was around - friends, parents, probably even a professor at some point - to take pictures of me. The lighting was usually terrible and I only ever had about seven photos to post. I used cheap tripods for taking my own photos in my dorm room or just outside. I used weird colors in Photoshop and must have saved my photos in a strange format because a lot of my old blog posts don't even show them! I made old-school collages of my favorite celebs and tried to post as often as I could, which wasn't much. But still I was trying, and learning, and having a blast. (Living and loving and picking it up)

So what's changed? What's stayed the same?

Well, I changed the blog's name to The Style Hive, which combines some of my favorite things, including internal rhymes and bees. I invested in the blog, with new layouts and a .org host. I got a new camera, a Canon G16, and tried to learn more about photography. I moved back to Ohio to finish college, then grad school. I still relied on my parents and friends to take my photos. I still don't know how to pose. I still don't post as often as I'd like, but at least the quality of the posts is better. My Photoshop edits are better. I still travel and blog about it - I've been to least 40 different places since I've started this blog. I'm still so grateful to be doing this and I'm still having a blast.

As always, thank you to the people who support me and this little ole blog of mine - my parents, friends, Facebook and Insta followers, and any of you who happen to stop by. Truly, thanks.

Now let's take a trip down memory lane...

Dec 2018 - Cleveland, Ohio

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