cheers, salut!

I'm off! 

The above photos are from two years ago when I spent Christmas in London and Paris. I'm on my way back to these beloved cities now, this time after spending actual Christmas at home with my puppy! I'll miss her oodles (and my other family and friends of course) but I'm happy to be back in two of my most favorite places. And I can't wait to share all the snaps with you soon! In the meantime, you can always check out my travel posts by clicking on the "Categories" link up top and the on "Travel." And if you're wondering what some of the things I'll get up to will be, you can visit my Three Days in Paris guide

Merry merry!


  1. Well. I love you but I also hate you bc you're in London and Paris without me. Next time, take me and Addy with you!!! (Have an amazing time :P )


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