the three-month rule

Jacket: Rebecca Taylor / Top: J.Crew (old, similar) / Jeans: Madewell (on sale!) /
Shoes: Hobes / Clutch: Talbot's / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

It's like the three-second rule, but with shopping impulses, not dropped food. Or it is to me. I think part of the reason it's called "fast fashion" is because you don't really need to spend a lot of time thinking about buying it - oh, a gingham off-the-shoulder top from H&M for twenty bucks? Sold. (That's based on a real example, by the way.) The three-month rule applies to the shopping of more costly purchases that aren't really a necessity but, like, you really want them. So was the case of this jacket - I'd seen it briefly walking out of my Nordstrom one day in March, just catching a glimpse of the beautifully embroidered flowers. I hurriedly searched "floral denim jacket" on Nordstrom's website to discover that it was by Rebecca Taylor and cost nearly four-hundred dollars. Whoops. Then when we went to New York I made my mom stop in the Rebecca Taylor store with me, and there was the jacket again - at the same price (not sure why I expected any different?). So I just kept stalking it online, hoping it would somehow magically go on sale. Finally, it'd been three months and I hadn't gotten the jacket off my mind so I thought, gotta go for it. And then I received it as a timely graduation gift from my wonderful mom! She also knew it'd been on my mind for several months so I guess what I'm saying is - if you can't stop thinking about something for three months, buy it. Or go to grad school and get it as a gift ;)

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