new music monday

In an attempt to be anything like one of my absolute favorite bloggers and cool girl-extraordinaire, Olivia, I've decided to follow her lead and post some monthly playlists. I discovered some great new music over the past few weeks as well as some new songs from old favorites (though I can't quite commit to the Arctic Monkeys' new album...) and thought I'd drop 'em here! A few stand-outs:

Beth Ditto - Fire

Okay, yes, I did even take this one from Olivia's playlists but I love a strong lady singer! And Beth Ditto does not hold back on this rockin' tune.

The Shadowboxers - Hot Damn!

I had an absolute blast going to a Justin Timberlake concert in March - it was a lot of fun okay!! And these guys opened for him and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself bopping along. Especially to this one!

Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel

Ugh I adore Janelle Monae and her new album, Dirty Computer, has got it all. This one is a confident love song for the 21st century.


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