apartment inspiration

I really hope I'm not jinxing my future apartment-hunting self by posting this mood board/wishlist/place to put all my thoughts about furniture without having an actual room to put furniture in.

My current room in my childhood home is all shades of white and teal (pictured here if you care to remember). I love it but I've come to solidify my color scheme more as a dark teal and blush pink, with some pops of mustard and cream. My current room has gorgeous but very busy wallpaper and obviously living in an apartment will come with bare walls, which means I'm looking toward colorful furniture to make it my own! I must be a follower sheep because I've seen these colors in a lot of decor places right now, including Target, which is very exciting for my budget.




Of course, artfully taken photos of other people's homes (unless they're being featured on Hoarders) somehow seem unattainable. But I will use that to my advantage - after all, I want my space to look like, you know, mine.

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