wedding wear

No, I am not getting married. But it seems like everyone I know is, and right around the summertime, too. I'm gearing up for bridal showers and bachelorette parties, plus, y'know, actually attending the weddings too. So doing the math, that's at least three different events I need outfits for! I'm pumped, but my wallet will probably not be... Anyway, here's a little inspiration for the main events of wedding season, not including the Royal Wedding, which really just called for pajamas and biscuits in my opinion.

Blue Dress / Circle Earrings / Nude Sandals / Yellow Dress / Circle Bag / Espadrilles / Pink Dress
Floral Dress / Drop Earrings / Sandals / Red Dress / Red Earrings / Black Heels / Black Dress

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Off-the-Shoulder Dress / Tassel Earrings / Black Heels / Red Dress / Hoop Earrings / Nude Heels / Blue Dress /
Black Feather Dress / Circle Earrings / Clutch / Pink Dress / Silver Earrings / Black Bag / Navy Dress

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Gingham Dress / Pearl Earrings / Black Sandals / Teal Dress / Red Earrings / Teal Heels / Cherry Dress /
Burgundy Dress / Gold Earrings / Black Heels / Pink Dress / Pink Earrings / Nude Heels / Maxi Dress

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