45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, USA

rockefeller rabbit

Coat: Topshop (similar) / Top: Madewell (similar) / Jeans: Topshop /
Shoes: Madewell / Bag: Chloé / Beret: similar / Earrings: Madewell

What a deceptive set of photos this is! Of course the hat and winter coat give it away - it is definitely not springtime in New York. The beautiful gardens and happy Easter bunny at Rockefeller plaza were trying their hardest, but the snow and rain and sleet didn't care. I did though. I really did. I am very done with winter okay!!!!

Our trip to NYC was a bit of a whirlwind, with lots of crazy things going on, not least of which was the weather. I always have a bucket list of things to do when I go to New York though, so I ended up dragging my poor parents around in the rain from place to place. And not just like from one store in Rockefeller to another store in Rockefeller - but like from Harlem to Greenwich to Soho to the East Village. Oops! New York, why do you have to be so, uh, long?

Thankful to have gotten this little trip in among the business of the past few months! Here's hoping for more free time in the sunshine.

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  1. free time in the sunshine with sarah*

  2. EEK! I completely swooning over your coat - so cute!!!

    Black Coffee Beautiful


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