a busy, busy bee

Honestly I've never looked better!

Well, hello! This may be the longest break I've taken since I've started this blog. And without any notice...whoops! As always, it hasn't been intentional, but I can't decide if that makes it worse or better. Either way, here's me popping in!

I've started student teaching full time and it is as exciting as it is exhausting! I come home with all intentions to take outfit photos or at least put together a blog post, but I can barely make myself lunch for the next day. Phew! The whole not being a student thing anymore is taking some getting used to. And let me also say, for someone who loves clothes as I do, I have surprisingly few "work" outfits in my wardrobe. I find myself reaching for the same things every week. Let me tell you - my Loft dresses and Old Navy pants are in heavy rotation. 

As I get in the groove of my new day-to-day and as the weather (hopefully) improves, I hope to be back posting more regularly! Or at least once more in the next month...

I hope you all are having a lovely February!


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