Galway, Ireland

unintentional bumblebee dressing

Coat: Topshop / Sweater: Madewell (on sale!) / Pants: Anthropologie /
Boots: Beau Coop (similar) / Bandana: Madewell / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Did not realize until I put all these photos together here that I basically wore a non-costume bee outfit. Black and yellow stripes with more yellow accents... Whoops! Just in my nature to accidentally channel my love for bees at all times. Of course the pink coat is a bit out of costume but if I were a bee I would definitely accessorize with pink somehow (pink flower petals as a skirt? Possibly getting too into this mental picture now).

I believe this is my last outfit from my time in Ireland! We spend the last few days in Galway, where my family is from, and I always marvel at how busy and lively the city is despite its small size (it's barely twice the size of my American suburb!). Of course being a European city during late November, there was a Christmas market bustling with stalls and ferris wheels. We strolled around, amazed at how many times my family's name appeared throughout the city - we are known to have the best butcher shop around, but I was surprised to find out that we have award-winning pudding, too. Totally embrace the fact that my family is food-oriented. We didn't end up trying any of the family claim to fame though - something to do on the next trip.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! I'd say it's about time for a break, yeah?

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