gift guide for the guys

1: Kiehls' Ultimate Man Refueling Set / 2: James Bond Aston Martin Model / 3: Allbirds Wool Running Shoes / 4: Herschel Backpack / 5: World's Smallest Drone / 6: Barbour Cable Knit Hat

It is a truth universally acknowledged that guys are the hardest to shop for. My first instinct is to always buy them an outfit I know would be amazing on them but even I have to admit that my taste is not always what other people want for themselves. So I try to stick to safer options, but then I run the risk of being boring. But when you find a winner it's hard not to reach for it year after year! So here are some tried-and-true gifts I have given over the years. The Kiehls set is an absolute winner - I've bought it for both my dad and my brother and they love it. I also think any Herschel product is a good choice. That mini drone was what my dad bought for himself. They'll probably use it bug you and/or the cat. Have fun with that!

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