boss lady

Coat: Topshop (also here) (wearing a small) / Top: Kate Spade (similar) / Jeans: Topshop /
Shoes: Louise et Cie (also love these) / Bag: Chanel / Glasses: Zenni

I don't ever foresee myself becoming any kind of boss or generally having the ability to be in charge of a group of people, but if I did, this is what I would wear. Maybe pink glasses and sequin shoes don't scream "professional," but if you're the boss you get to set the rules, right? I feel very Janelle Monae in this outfit too, which is definitely good by me.

Yes, this is the coat that's everywhere right now, from Blair Eadie to Rachel Martino to this blogger whom I don't know but seems legit. If you are at all enticed by it, as I was, I say to go - get it. Spend that money girl, go for it. It is incredibly warm, so much that I've worn it inside my house when I'm watching TV. If do you buy it, be sure to size down! And also be ready for a lot of strangers to come up and start petting your shoulder... yeah, that's happened.

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