made of waves


Swimsuit: c/o Cleo Madison (on sale!) / Shorts: old, similar, similar / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

"Kiss your own fingertips
and hug your own curves.
You are made of waves and honey
and spicy peppers when necessary.
You are a goddess,
I hope you haven't forgotten."
-Emery Allen

When Cleo Madison reached out to me about their clothing line, I was intrigued and excited. The clothing is affordable, stylish and modest. I definitely think of myself as a "modest" person, but modesty can mean different things to different people. I tend to like having my arms covered and I don't do crop tops or bodycon styles. On the other hand, I'll wear dresses and skirts above the knee and I love skinny jeans. Is that modest? Is it even modest of me to post pictures of myself on the internet in the hope that people like my outfit? And now - posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit? Definitely not something I'd thought I'd do on this blog! I've talked a bit about how I sometimes struggle with my body, how I wish I had a flat stomach or skinnier arms or smaller thighs. Especially when taking these photos (at our local dirty lake lol), I was self-conscious about my thighs. They're touching, blindingly pale, too big...but then I remember, those thighs help me ride my horse. They make me strong and give me power to better a better horseback rider.

So I did feel great in this suit. It is incredibly comfortable and offers so much support up top (v necessary right ladies?). I love the zip-up feature which gives it a sporty feel. And that pattern! Straight out of Rifle Paper Company, am I right? If you're in denial that summer is ending, head on over to Cleo Madison and check out the rest of their adorable swimsuits (like how cute is this one?). Or if you're feeling more fall, they have so many cute dresses (like this, this, and this) all under $50! And how perfect is this $10 skirt for fall?

Thank you to Cleo Madison for sponsoring this post and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Now, your turn!

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Photos thanks to Rachel!


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