Wishlist for the Art History Snob

Matisse Earrings: Open House / Matisse Bag: Peu Importe Vintage / Louis Comfort Tiffany Scarf: The Met
Not Actually Marie Antoinette But Close Enough Top: Rad / Paloma Picasso Ring: Tiffany's
Mask of Agamemnon Pin: The Salad Days

I remember back in the day all I wanted was one of those painting-printed skirts or dresses from like Romwe and other (at the time) seemingly sketchy sites. Like they had pixelated screen-printed Monet or 18th century French paintings on them. Basically I wanted to proclaim that I loved art and studied art history. I never bought one of those and now they've seemed to disappear, but that's probably for the best. Instead I found some subtler and classier ways for you to show off your art history genius!

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