summer shoes

I've been on a shoes kick lately. I recently made some extra cash selling my clothes on Poshmark and wanted to treat myself to some new summer duds. I looked at a bunch of lovely sundresses before deciding on those soft pink mules up there. I'd been wanting some mules for a while now and when Nicole bought these babies and recommended them, I snapped up the last pair in my size!

I'll tell ya, I am not a fan of summer dressing. I hate hot weather and I'd much rather bundle up in a chic coat than bear it all in booty shorts (not that I'd ever wear booty shorts, but still). Dresses are great and all but then it's like, legs, meet chafing. And so when I'm already feeling kinda low in summer garb, I know I want my shoes to be both comfortable and fabulous. I think the pairs I've rounded up here may fit the bill! What kinds of shoes are you looking to buy for summer?

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  1. All of these are so beautiful, #8 is my favourite though!

    Great post :)

  2. Totally in love with the floral sneakers <3 Such beautiful summer footwear!

    Enjoy the weekend :)


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