Best of Bedding

Daniella Floral Comforter / Casablanca Duvet /  Speckle Jersey Comforter /
Tasseled Deco Fan Duvet / Wonky Grid Comforter / Rivulets Quilt /
Dotty Daisy Coverlet / Anthropologie Duvet / Lillian Floral Duvet /

When it comes to most anything besides clothes and knick knacks (and snacks), I generally think that if I already have it, I don't need a new one. Examples: my carpet has lipstick stains, nail polish stains, and some doggie accidents all over it. I'd had my last computer for about six years. My dresser is the same from when I was in junior high. And now coming to the point: my bedding. I lived most of my life sleeping under quilts until I got to college and discovered the wonder that is a comforter. They make you warm! They make you cool! They're easy to fold! They come in cute patterns! And so now I'm two years out of college with the same comforter that I took all the way in its own suitcase to England (we're in a serious relationship). Now the poor thing is threadbare and ripped down the middle. Like I said, I'm slow to change but then I decided to search for cute bedding and...yep, now I'm sold. And don't even get me started on the pillows.

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