When Your Camera Dies Halfway Through

Top: Topshop (similar, similar) / Pants: Zara (in stores, similar) / 
Shoes: Aldo / Earrings: J.Crew / Bag: J.W. Anderson

So my sweet dad had a great suggestion when I mentioned to him that I needed to get back to doing outfit photos. We planned on going to the nature reserve and doing a whole thing but the weather had other plans. So instead my dad suggested I bring a whole slew of outfits to shoot at the art museum! I'm envisioning all these great photos as I'm packing different clothing into a bag and waiting for my camera battery to charge. Hm. Weird. It's not charging. Whatever, it'll be fine.

As you can guess, it wasn't fine. We got that first photo and then my camera died with that little fart noise (at least it did in my head). So we pulled out the ole camera phone and finished the job. At least they're, ya know, colorful? Oh well. Try again tomorrow!

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