Holly with Phoenix Feather

Top: Target / Shorts: Old (similar) / Shoes: Adidas / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

The best part of my time at Harry Potter World? Besides drinking ALL of the Butterbeer, I mean. Getting picked for a wand at Ollivander's! We first went to the one in Hog's Head, which is tiny and isn't the, ya know, original. So next day we get in a relatively short line for the Diagon Alley Ollivander's, and Ollivander picks this girl who is fully decked out in her robes (which, like #respect because it was 85 degrees out) and yada yada goes through the thing. So show's over, we're all filing out of the room and I'm the last person to leave and he pulls me over. And I get to do the thing! Touch the wand, wind blows, music plays, lights flash! It was pretty exciting, okay. And my wand? Holly with phoenix feather, somewhat rare, particularly useful for invincibility. I could definitely use some of that.

Even though I know you all were dying to know what my wand was, I'll admit I didn't want to post these photos. I don't love wearing shorts, even if the weather called for it, and even if they have a darling bow on them. I have big thighs, a stomach, a butt, ya know? Not exactly a stick over here. And while I'd like to lose some pounds (lol I'm working on it), there's no reason not to be happy with what I've got now. I'd say I dress my body type pretty dang well most of the time. And I also figure, if people make comments about how I look, that's more of a reflection on them. Right? Like, boo on them or whatever.

So point of this post? Less body shaming, more Butterbeers. Or something like that.

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