birthday wishlist

1 - OPI "Patience Pays Off" Nail Polish / 2 - Madewell Bandana / 3 - Madewell Sweater /
4 - BaubleBar Tassel Earrings / 5 - I'm So Tired Pin / 6 - Aldo Blush Block Heel /
7 - Red Beret / 8 - Topshop Red Top / 9 - Mango Bee Bag / 10 - Sam Edelman Lace Up Flat

Hi all! A very, very happy Friday! I'm certainly excited since it's my birthday weekend, and tonight will consist of bowling, movies, and chocolate chip cookies. Pretty much my perfect kind of birthday (though the official day isn't until Monday).

This wishlist is really just for fun - I already know my main gifts - a new computer and a trip to Harry Potter World (ugh, so excited, finally, can't wait, etc.). But I'll most likely end up buying one of these things for myself as a birthday treat anyway ;)

Of course, I always try to be aware of those in need during a time that can get quite materialistic. And so, I humbly present a list of my favorite charities, like I did at Christmas, for possible donations.


Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Famicos Foundation 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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