inspiration: not your average holiday party

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Black Dress + Bag + Shoes
(Note: Check the sizing! Most are not in typical US sizes.)

Hi all! I don't know about you and your geography, but we finally got snow! And a lot of it! Soft, fluffy snow that makes my 13-year old dog turn into a puppy again! Of course I feel a little young myself, getting all excited about hot chocolate and decorating the tree. And while I'll most likely be wearing my pajamas with dogs wearing sweaters on it for the holidays, I can't help but dream of fancy party outfits too.

I've teamed up with StyleWe again to round up some not-so-obvious holiday wear! The very first thing that caught my eye on their website was that burgundy jumpsuit. Throw on some gold heels and matching jewelry and you'll be the queen of the holiday party. Or at least look really, really good.

For those of us who aren't quite brave enough to don a jumpsuit (myself included), I've picked out my favorite dresses too. They're more classic, so go a little funky with the accessories - metallic silver boots and rockstudded clutches that will totally distract people from how many cookies you've been eating. (It'll be our little secret.)

If you're looking for more holiday inspiration, check out StyleWe's blog and Pinterest (and oh, okay - my Pinterest too!)

This post was sponsored by StyleWe, but all opinions and love of velvety holiday-wear are my own. Thank you for supporting those companies that support my blog!


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