gift guide: giving back

It just wouldn't feel right of me to go on posting outfit photos and superficial wishlists without acknowledging the and individuals and areas of greater need in our world. Here are a handful of charities that I have either personally donated to, worked for, or extensively fact-checked. Please consider donating this holiday season.
  • Worldwide Orphans Foundation: WWO works to transform the lives of orphaned children all over the world. They provide medical care, education, psychosocial care, and of course, the most important aspect of a child's life: play. This is hands-down my favorite charity to give to.
  • Karam Foundation: Right now the Syrian-based Karam Foundation is in need of funds to continue aiding the victims in Aleppo. The foundation's team is working in the most damaged parts of Aleppo, providing heaters, food, and shelter to families as well as those who have already evacuated.
  • Refuge Point: This organization helps refugeed individuals, families, and communities throughout Africa (Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and more). Refuge Point helps to relocate, provide shelter, food, health care, and counseling to refugees.
  • Direct Relief: As its name implies, this organization provides direct health services to individuals in the U.S. and across the globe. Direct Relief particularly focuses on women's and children's health.
  • Famicos Foundation: This charity is very near and dear to my heart as my family and I have worked with it since before I was born. Famicos provides housing to low-income families all over Cleveland. They also provide resources to help their residents achieve home ownership, financial stability, education, and employment. 


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