christmas wishlist

/ 10. Charlotte Tilbury Palette

No socks, underwear, or pajamas on this wishlist: I'm deciding to go all out and ask for anything but the basics. That dreamy Samantha Pleet unicorn dress is finally back in more sizes after what, like three years? (Yes I had an email alert set for it.) And now that I'm hooked on Miss Patina, I'm gonna be needing that cat collar shirt. And while that burgundy bag may look practical and basic, I assure you it's not: Pop & Suki are all about that customization and accessorized glam.

This is definitely the first time I'm thinking about makeup on a wishlist - I really only wear lipstick and eyeliner. Like that's really it. I feel a bit like a failed version of a girl knowing next to nothing about makeup. I'm easing myself in slowly, with a classic Urban Decay Naked Palette, some essential foundation, and of course a little lipstick too.

Anyway, hint hint, family members! ;)

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