the disappearance of will byers

Happy Halloween!

I debated between a couple costumes this year (see my other costumes here and here), but as soon as I heard that my friends were down for a Stranger Things group costume, I knew. Though I feel a kindred connection with Barb (RIP), I wanted to step out of the box a little. Cue being an inanimate but animated wall. I thought i was so clever until I saw that a bunch of people also did this...but whatever I had a ton of fun buying Christmas lights early at Target and finding this perfect vintage vest to mess up with some alphabetic and prophetic writing.

These costumes came right off after this photoshoot and were replaced by pj's and gear to support our baseball team in the World Series (#rolltribe). Scary movies and homemade cookies with my buds was all I needed. Though of course Stranger Things shows us that just because you stay home doesn't mean you're safe from the scare!


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