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Fall Favorites

What comes to mind when I say fall fashion? For me, it's cozy sweaters, boots, plaids, and layers. But just because these are the ole' standbys of fall style does not mean you can't wear them in fresh ways. 

For instance...taking inspiration from the boys.

And I don't mean the whole put-on-a-tie-and-bowler-hat deal, either. I mean looking at what's on trend for guys these days and maybe stealing that look. Do you ever do that? Cross over to the guy's section in a store and sneak some ideas (or pieces)? I sometimes think that menswear can be so boring, so I'm always glad when I see exciting and fashionable men's clothing. I mean, check out this getup:

Image via The Black Tux

Like, I'm torn between wanting to wear that and wanting to date that dude. And the accoutrements that you can just throw on and have an instantaneously elevated fall outfit? I always knew guys had it easy...

I was super excited to see how The Black Tux styled for fall in their new collection, which is being launched this week! I have a lot of Irish and Scottish ancestry in me, so you know I love a good plaid. And while I may not have an ultra-cool suit or an even cooler event to wear it to, I happily donned my own outfit inspired by these gorgeous patterns.

Blazer: Vintage (similar, similar) / Top: Urban Outfitters (old, similar) /
Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Zara (similar) / Bag: Zara (love this one) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

As you can see, I had two prints in my closet pretty similar to what The Black Tux is styling for fall but I wasn't sure if I could match them together. I mean, I can totally picture that model up there putting a sweet little gingham pocket square in his suit, but I am not a beautiful male model so I couldn't tell if I could pull it off. Luckily my dad, who, ya know, actually owns suits, said that it was completely acceptable, and even encouraged, according to "his guy" down at Brooks Brothers.

So you heard it here, ladies: you don't have to be a gorgeous dude to pull off the fall patterns! And if you have a gorgeous dude in your life, might I suggest you direct him to The Black Tux for all his suit styling needs.

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