So Long, Summer

Today is September 1st, and all I can say is thank goodness

Don't get me wrong - this past summer has been great, full of adventures like going to New York, seeing some great concerts, traveling to Sweden and Iceland (more posts coming soon!), and of course the little everyday joys of hanging with my friends and family, riding my horse, working hard at my job, etc. But I've never been a huge fan of the summer season because it's too darn hot. Me and heat do not go well. Plus this summer has also been busy with school and work, so I'm ready to start fresh with a new season. 

My friend Sarah has always done these fun recaps of at the end of the months and rightly so - she is traveling all over the world and doing some pretty amazing things! And while my posts won't be nearly half as exciting or exotic, I think I'd like to do something similar at the end of each season. After all, fashion-lovers live by the seasons, right? A/W, S/S and all that. So here's a round-up of my top three favorite summer looks and my top three purchases of the summer:

I can't say I'm surprised that all of these outfits feature black and denim. I felt that I haven't been dressing very colorfully this summer and while I want to change that, some monochromatic looks aren't all bad! But as I rounded up my top purchases of the summer, I realized that I had been saving all the color for my accessories!

Glasses: Oliver Peoples / Shoes: Acne (on sale!) / Bag: Kate Spade

I bought these Oliver Peoples glasses probably back in May, but I don't think they've hardly come off my face since! I think they really are the perfect size and shape for my face and they just go with everything. (Plus, ya know, seeing out of them is super helpful.) These shoes were probably my most special purchase this summer - all the way from Acne Archive in Stockholm, and in such a cool design. And my newest Kate Spade bag (that I got at a steal from Nordstrom Rack) was my perfect, light-colored bag for the summer.

And there's my round-up for the summer! Some people will say that summer isn't over yet, that I'm too eager, blah blah, but I say let me revel in this September 1st, okay?

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