Stockholm, Sweden

chocolate and strawberry

Jacket: Just Female (on sale, cheaper style here) / Top: Madewell (sold out, here in a dress) /
Belt: J.Crew / Skirt: Madewell (similar, similar) / Boots: Topshop

Finally! More posts from my travels (it hasn't been over a month or anything...) I wore this getup to one of our "fancy dinner" nights and I was beyond excited to finally get to wear my new suede jacket. I'd tried to wear it twice before in the trip but each time it drizzled just enough for me to freak out and race back to the room to change. But the late evening weather cooperated with me as I snapped these photos on the bridge right by our hotel.

I always think that packing for a trip really gives you insight into your closet. For example, I had an unbalanced suitcase for this one - slightly too many "fancy clothes" and certainly not enough "prepare to get muddy clothes" which definitely says a lot about my wardrobe as a whole. This trip even more cemented the fact that I need more solid everyday tees and shoes that could stand to get a little dirty. Not that I need more things to shop for, but it's always good to have a focus!

P.S. I don't actually like chocolate or strawberry ice cream separately or together, but I am all over their color combination!

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