weekly notes / vol. 1

Image from my Instagram.

Am I like the most inconsistent blogger or what? I mean, aside from irregular posting schedules and going on vacations and stuff. I always try to start a "feature" (style crushes, outfit inspirations, wishlists, inspiring videos, you name it) and try to make it a weekly thing but that never seems to pan out. Instead I make wishlists when I feel like it and post other people's outfits when I'm not able to get my own up. But this time! This time will be different! (I have feeling that anyone who utters that is doomed.) This time will just be a nice, easy record of what I've been enjoying this week. It'll go something like this:

  • Look of the week: Devon absolutely killed it with this color combo. I also love the mixture of structures in this look - the flowing tie-neck blouse and the long, high-waisted slacks. Gorgeous!
  • Blog I've Started Following: I just followed Rose and I can't get enough of her dreamy photos and on-point outfits. Plus that hair! #coolgirlgoals

  • Instagram of the Week: Okay hopefully my own Instagram picture won't be used for this slot every week but, hey, whatever. I managed to get up closed and personal to some adorable puffins during my time in Iceland. Look at these babies!!
  • What I'm Watching: Trying to catch up on Mr. Robot (Rami Malek, marry me pls). Gotta psych myself up for it though because oh man can it be overwhelming (but so so good, right?). Image by emtommaso).

  • What I'm Listening To: Just before I left for my trip, my friend and I saw The Last Shadow Puppets in concert. If you're unfamiliar, it is the utterly devastatingly perfect combination of Alex Turner (yes, the Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner) and Miles Kane. They just released their second album a few weeks ago and it is perfection. Haven't stopped listening!
Image 1 of ASOS Lace Insert High Neck Blouse
  • What I'm Wishlisting: I love anything with a high neck, and I could totally see myself transitioning this ASOS top from summer to fall. (Plus, it's on sale!)
And that's it for volume one of my weekly notes!


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