Stockholm, Sweden

the perfect dress

Dress: COS (other pattern) / Sneakers: Topshop
Bag: Kate Spade (in purple) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Guys, this might be the Perfect Dress. I honestly have way too many dresses and should definitely not be buying any more, but this one ticked all my boxes. Comfy? Check. Nice silhouette without being form-fitting? Check. Lightweight but still cozy? Check. Perfect combination of black and navy so I don't go crazy trying to match it? Check!! I mean, could it get any better? Actually it can - this dress comes in another pattern, which I totally snatched up, too.

I hadn't realized I was repping Sweden with this dress - I knew COS was European, and H&M's sister brand, but I didn't know it was out of Sweden! I can totally see it now, with all its perfect minimalism and neutrals and chic basics. I don't think I fooled anyone that I was Swedish in this outfit (the dark hair pretty much gives it away), but it was perfect for romping around some museums! We went to the modern art museum, which I loved, and it had a fun sculpture garden with blown-up Picasso pieces. I promise I had more fun than my flat-mouth-emoji face looks. Also lol that I always forget to take off my Fitbit. This dress may go with everything, but a dark purple wristband is definitely hard to coordinate!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you had a great Monday!

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