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Top: Boutique in France (love this, this, or this) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: PONY x Madewell /
Purse: Kate Spade (or in lilac) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Sometimes it's fun when a piece of clothing has a little story behind it. That's the deal with this blouse - I picked it up back when I was on my cruise around France. We were exploring the city for the day, taking in all the beautiful architecture and picking up lots of chocolate goodies for Easter. We had stopped for some Nutella crepes in a little cafe before walking around Rouen. As the day was ending, we were walking back to the dock where our ship was waiting and I realized I was no longer carrying my Chanel purse with me. Cue insane panic. I sprinted back through all of the places we had stopped - shops, churches, all of it! - before making my way back to the cafe and praying that someone somehow hadn't snatched it. As soon as I burst in, totally red in the face with wide eyes, the women smiled and pulled my purse from behind the counter. Mon Dieu! My mom had caught up with me by then and on our way back to the boat we stopped into a boutique because my mom believes that shopping cures everything. Enter this blouse, exit my hysteria, and that's that story.

Anyway, I hadn't meant to go for a "painterly" theme when I wore this to an Art Walk in my neighborhood. But we bloggers love a good mural wall and I wasn't about to miss living up to any cliche, right? Right.

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