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A while back, I deleted the Pinterest app from my phone and my usage of the site dropped to zero. I feel like I was either not getting anything helpful or inspiring when I went on it or I was completely overwhelmed. Well I re-downloaded it and have found my love of Pinterest again. Now I'm on there every morning finding outfit ideas, snack recipes, travel inspo, you name it. While I was browsing around (I believe I had searched "orange heels outfit" because I just got this lovely pair from J.Crew) I came across the brand Clad & Cloth. The name sounded familiar (probably because those sartorial words show up in a lot of names!) but it's a new brand to me so I thought I'd share! They have great pieces from basics to on-trend (check out that denim ruffle top!) and all at amazing prices. A couple of these pieces are even on sale right now. So go on and click the images above and browse around!

Happy shopping!
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