Paris, France


Coat: Zara / Top: Zara / Jeans: Topshop via Poshmark / Boots: Zara 
Choker: Zara / Sunglassess: Karen Walker / Bag: vintage Chanel / Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

I unintentionally wore the colors of the French flag on this day. I just had my mind set on wearing my newest Zara purchases - the coat, choker, and shoes. Do I have way too many coats? Absolutely. Do I have way too many shoes? Yep. Has this ever stopped me? Not once. Because, you see, I don't have a red coat and I don't have suede heeled boots. Or so I tell myself. Another thing I tell myself: I have room in my suitcase!!

This was a pretty perfect day that we spent in Paris. (It was actually only a half-day as we had joined our boat group by that point.) We went back to Angelina's for lunch before heading over to the Galeries Lafayette, AKA Paris's largest department store and place of my dreams. It's everything you're probably imagining a French department store to be - really classy, gorgeous high ceilings, high-end brands, and kiosks. Did I say kiosks? I meant Chanel kiosks. What. I myself just hit up the Topshop, natch, which is the only Topshop in Paris! You knew I'd find it. ;)

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! I'm totally planing on wearing this outfit again ASAP, as soon as this pesky snow goes away...yeah, nice winter we're having this spring, right?

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