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shakespeare and company

Blazer: Topshop / Top: J.Crew via Poshmark (similar) / Jeans: TopshopShoes: Topshop /
 Backpack: Loeffler Randall / Glasses: Anthropologie / Earrings: Aldo (similar) / Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Hi everyone! And just like that, we're back in Paris. Also just like that, I've changed up my look - short hair, new glasses, getting crazy with the ear crawlers...change is good, ya know? Anyway.

I had the amazing chance to spend the last 10 days traveling all over the north of France by boat. The first three days were spent in - you guessed it - Paris. Obviously it's a city that's loved the world over but it's quickly becoming a particular favorite of mine. I always thought I could live in London pretty readily but I think I'd be just as happy in Paris! I was surprised at how well my French kept up - well, we'd better not ask all the actual French people I spoke to about that. 

Our first stop was on the left bank of the Seine, to the v famous Shakespeare and Company. It is definitely charming in the way that only bookstores can be. Crowded and overpacked with stairs that you could hardly move on but there were lovely little nooks everywhere. The love of reading was just infused in that place. I picked up a tote bag and the love poems of Pablo Neruda. Oh and of course I had to wear my most very French outfit for the first day of the trip. You're probably going to see me in these shoes for a good long while - they are so utterly adorable and not too bad for walking! Okay well I did end up buying three pairs of shoes when the blisters got too much. They were a, uh, practical purchase? When in Paris...

Hope everyone had a good start to your week! Thanks for reading.

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