Paris, France

le jardin derrière Notre-Dame

Coat: Ted Baker / Dress: Ralph Lauren (on sale!) / Belt: J.Crew /
Boots: Beau COOP / Bag: vintage Chanel /

Man, I'm really dragging out these posts from my trip to Europe, aren't I? Oh well! I certainly don't mind, as I'm currently sick as a dog in bed and would love to sneak back to this lovely little garden behind the cathedral. I can't believe I'm heading back to Paris in a few short weeks, too! *insert monkey with the hands over his eyes emoji*

I haven't checked the weather yet for our scheduled arrival, but I'm hoping it's at least warmer than here. I am a minority in my love for snow during the month of February (possibly has something to do with that being my birthday month...) but as soon as March 1st hits, it's spring in my book. Anyone else?

Hopefully I'll post some outfit photos that are actually from this new year soon... As soon as I can do more than sleep for 12 hours straight, that is.

Thanks for reading, friends! Happy weekend!

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