London, UK


Coat: Ted Baker / Blouse: Ted Baker (similar) / Skirt: Ted Baker (similar, similar, similar)
Heels: Ted Baker / Bag: vintage Chanel

Alternative title post: Ted to Toe. It's not my fault that literally every other street in England seems to flaunt Ted Baker in my face. I was planning on shopping at the London one but I just happened upon one while we were in Bath and treated myself to this oh-so-gorgeous skirt and these oh-so-classic heels. And then my mom chipped in the blouse and oops, I had an outfit. An outfit perfect for the only thing I actually planned to do in London in advance: afternoon tea at Sketch.

I love myself an afternoon tea. I went to the Ritz for my birthday two years ago, and I basically lived at Exeter's local tea spot. There's just something so satisfying about eating at a time when I usually don't (around 3 pm), sipping warm tea, and munching on food so tiny and adorable you almost don't want to eat it. Almost. Our tea at Sketch was more than just a tea: it was an experience. Prepare for that, if you ever go (and you totally should!). First we had champagne, then the neverending flow of tea, sandwiches, pastries, scones, and finally a bouche de Noel. If the charming yet snappy decor wasn't enough, halfway through our meal we were serenaded by a lovely group of Christmas carolers! It was totally unexpected and completely sublime. Walking out of Sketch we were a bit dazed, I think, full of warm sweets and eyes having adjusted to the soft pink glow of the interior. And oh-so perfect way to spend a day, in my opinion.

Oh and those funny looking eggs with the multicolored lights and mini Christmas decorations? Yep. Those were the bathrooms. Casual.

Thanks for reading! Possibly I should have warned you about the pink overload. Or the food and decor envy. Sorry bout that.

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