Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

plymouth green

Jacket: Zara (similar) / Sweater: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Cords: Anthropologie
Sneakers: Zara / Bag: vintage Chanel / Lipstick: MAC "Ruby Woo"

Alright, here's the first batch of photos from my trip to Europe the last two weeks!

Our first port of call was Exeter, where you might remember I studied for a year in college. I'm just in love with that city - its sights, sites (see what I did there?), and, okay, mainly its food. Plymouth is only an hour by train and so I hopped over to see my bff Sarah - who, by the way, has an amazing travel/lifestyle/yoga/food/poetry/all things lovely blog! She showed me around her new home of Plymouth, which is appropriately windy and awash in all things Christmasy (the Brits are big into Christmas decorations). Naturally I wore this Christmas jumper to blend in - it was national Christmas jumper day, in fact! Walking around Plymouth, it was more strange if you weren't sporting a festive sweater. Plymouth (and Exeter, and let's face it, probably all English towns) is filled with cobblestone streets that lead to little antique shops or fish and chips stands or simply breathtaking views of the seaside. I had a great time roaming around (and even a bit of hiking...thanks for that, Sarah hehe) and luckily these Zara sneakers kept my feet comfy and dry! If I'm to keep up with my Anglophilic ways, I'll need to invest in good shoes - the Brits love to walk!

Hope you all are having a lovely new year so far! Thanks for reading.

Photos thanks to Sarah!

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  1. Cute sweater and nice bag :)
    Maria V.


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