2nd blog birthday

Hi everyone! It's come again - the day I started this blog! Seems a silly, superficial thing to celebrate but in today's world, with all its craziness, why not celebrate any little thing you can?

And no - no cupcakes or fancy heels this year! It is literally negative freezing outside and I spent all day at the gym (lol...I spent two hours and half of that was eating lunch) and then I cried my eyes out during The Danish Girl and these are all excuses for me being too lazy to take outfit photos. But a bunch coming soon, I promise!

As nice it is to (sometimes) get dressed up and eat sugary treats, I really always want to take this day as an opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to making this blog what it is! Either by reading, sharing, supporting, enabling my fashion addition, or taking my photos - thank you.

And here's a quick little round-up of what I got up to this year:
-graduated from college
-got a job
-worked with so many great kids!
-volunteered doing something I love
-got my ears pierced (!!!)
-got my driver's license (!!!!)
-traveled throughout England and Paris (pictures coming soon!)

Thanks again, friends. See you soon!

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