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Hi all!

At this point to me, time is meaningless and really more like a product of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (ya know, when the thing being observed behaves differently because it's being observed)...okay, maybe there thoughts are too deep for the new year. But they make sense considering I was awake for 24 hours straight yesterday. I woke up in Paris at 8 am and rang in the New Year back home until 1:30 am...7:30 am Paris time if you're keeping track. Really what I'm trying to say is I should have gotten this post up earlier, but whatever, right?

For once, I'm actually going to make some resolutions this year!! Is that sad? That it took me this long? I just never really subscribed to the pressure that came with New Year's Resolutions and maybe that's why I'm calling them "goals" instead. But more on that later. First, a quick round-up of 12 of my looks from this year, because this is a fashion blog, after all.


Okay, back to those goals. I'm hoping that by writing them out and publishing them on the internet, it'll make me actually do them. We'll see. 
  1. Get healthy: cut out all soda drinking, go to the gym at least once a week, walk my dog every day, exercise at home every other day, and maybe join a soul cycle class! Healthy in body, but also healthy in mind and spirit: never stop working to improve my mental health. 
  2. Draft a collection of short stories: I've been sitting on an idea for a collection of short stories for a bit now (I already know the title and what I want the cover design to look like - too much?). A lot of the stories are actually already written, but they need major editing. Some other stories I have could be reworked to fit my desired theme, and I'm thinking I'm going to need to completely start from scratch and write a couple new ones! This is a long-term goal: I'm talking years. Ideally I'd love to see if I could even get them to be looked at by someone even vaguely related to publishing, but for now I'll just content myself with the editing process. 
  3. Keep blogging and work to improve: I mean, obviously. I can't stop now! I'm slowly getting better with my photography skills, and I have a fancy-pants official website name now, so maybe I can kick it up a few notches in this upcoming year.
Now it wouldn't be a post by me if it didn't end on a fashion note, so here are my style goals: 
  1. Keep buying to a minimum: only pieces that are investments, good deals, and/or ones that I've been thinking about for a while. First up on my list? A pair of classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
  2. Wear those splurges: I have a few pieces in my closet that are so beautiful and fancy and high-quality that I'm too nervous to wear them! But they were also my most costly items, so I need to work on making sure I get good use out of them. 
  3. Actually do my hair and makeup: LOL. I only recently started wearing makeup (and even then it's just lipstick and eyeliner...) and I am so boring when it comes to hairstyles. I need to step up my game! 
  4. Periodically purge my closet: Out with the old! I'm going to continue to update my closet on Poshmark and sell my gently or never worn items.
I think that's about it! Happy New Year everybody, and as always, thanks for reading.

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