the style hive: 2016

what are you wearing new year's eve?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hi all! A new year is right around the corner (thank goodness, 2016 can eat dirt) and with it comes New Year's Eve dressing. And while, yes, I did go out and buy a sequin top to go with my sequin shoes, I'm also trying to think outside of the expected NYE box this year. I've rounded up some of my favorite blogger looks as of late to stir up some inspiration - whether you want to go full-on leggy jumpsuit or wear no pants at all!

you will get a sentimental feeling

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Coat: Zara (similar) / Blazer: Vintage (similar, similar) / Top: Nordstrom (similar) /
Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Zara (similar) / Bag: Chanel / Hat: Topshop (or grey)

I wore this outfit knowing we were going to pick up our Christmas tree. I wore this outfit totally not knowing it was going to show! As soon as we started to take pictures we had the first snow of the winter - and it came down hard and furious! It definitely helped us get into the Christmas spirit, though, and of course I welcomed it for my photos!

I hope you all are staying warm and are surrounded by all things merry and bright!

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gift guide: giving back

Sunday, December 18, 2016

It just wouldn't feel right of me to go on posting outfit photos and superficial wishlists without acknowledging the and individuals and areas of greater need in our world. Here are a handful of charities that I have either personally donated to, worked for, or extensively fact-checked. Please consider donating this holiday season.
  • Worldwide Orphans Foundation: WWO works to transform the lives of orphaned children all over the world. They provide medical care, education, psychosocial care, and of course, the most important aspect of a child's life: play. This is hands-down my favorite charity to give to.
  • Karam Foundation: Right now the Syrian-based Karam Foundation is in need of funds to continue aiding the victims in Aleppo. The foundation's team is working in the most damaged parts of Aleppo, providing heaters, food, and shelter to families as well as those who have already evacuated.
  • Refuge Point: This organization helps refugeed individuals, families, and communities throughout Africa (Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and more). Refuge Point helps to relocate, provide shelter, food, health care, and counseling to refugees.
  • Direct Relief: As its name implies, this organization provides direct health services to individuals in the U.S. and across the globe. Direct Relief particularly focuses on women's and children's health.
  • Famicos Foundation: This charity is very near and dear to my heart as my family and I have worked with it since before I was born. Famicos provides housing to low-income families all over Cleveland. They also provide resources to help their residents achieve home ownership, financial stability, education, and employment. 

christmas wishlist

Friday, December 16, 2016

/ 10. Charlotte Tilbury Palette

No socks, underwear, or pajamas on this wishlist: I'm deciding to go all out and ask for anything but the basics. That dreamy Samantha Pleet unicorn dress is finally back in more sizes after what, like three years? (Yes I had an email alert set for it.) And now that I'm hooked on Miss Patina, I'm gonna be needing that cat collar shirt. And while that burgundy bag may look practical and basic, I assure you it's not: Pop & Suki are all about that customization and accessorized glam.

This is definitely the first time I'm thinking about makeup on a wishlist - I really only wear lipstick and eyeliner. Like that's really it. I feel a bit like a failed version of a girl knowing next to nothing about makeup. I'm easing myself in slowly, with a classic Urban Decay Naked Palette, some essential foundation, and of course a little lipstick too.

Anyway, hint hint, family members! ;)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dress: Joanie Clothing / Heels: Madewell / Bag: vintage Chanel

When I saw this dress on Joanie's website, I thought: that is so me. I have to have it.
When my one best friend saw it, she said, "Oh that's like something Miss Frizzle would wear!"
And my other friend disagreed: "No, no, it's Jess Day on New Girl."
Needless to say, this dress brings about an identity crisis.

Kidding, kidding. But I do like the idea that wearing a certain piece of clothing can bring out different characters in your life. Some days I want to wear leather jackets and dark glasses and feel like someone Alex Turner could sing about; sometimes I'm trying to look more preppy than Spencer Hastings; and some days I have no idea what I'm doing and my outfit reflects that. But a collared, fitted navy dress that has books all over it? Now that really is me. Through and through.

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for reading. Xx.

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inspiration: not your average holiday party

Monday, December 12, 2016

collection store

Black Dress + Bag + Shoes
(Note: Check the sizing! Most are not in typical US sizes.)

Hi all! I don't know about you and your geography, but we finally got snow! And a lot of it! Soft, fluffy snow that makes my 13-year old dog turn into a puppy again! Of course I feel a little young myself, getting all excited about hot chocolate and decorating the tree. And while I'll most likely be wearing my pajamas with dogs wearing sweaters on it for the holidays, I can't help but dream of fancy party outfits too.

I've teamed up with StyleWe again to round up some not-so-obvious holiday wear! The very first thing that caught my eye on their website was that burgundy jumpsuit. Throw on some gold heels and matching jewelry and you'll be the queen of the holiday party. Or at least look really, really good.

For those of us who aren't quite brave enough to don a jumpsuit (myself included), I've picked out my favorite dresses too. They're more classic, so go a little funky with the accessories - metallic silver boots and rockstudded clutches that will totally distract people from how many cookies you've been eating. (It'll be our little secret.)

If you're looking for more holiday inspiration, check out StyleWe's blog and Pinterest (and oh, okay - my Pinterest too!)

This post was sponsored by StyleWe, but all opinions and love of velvety holiday-wear are my own. Thank you for supporting those companies that support my blog!

head to toe in toronto

Friday, December 9, 2016

Jacket: Blank NYC / Top: Ted Baker (similar, similar, love this)  / Jeans: Topshop /
Boots: Miss Selfridge / Bag: vintage Chanel / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Over Thanksgiving we headed up to Toronto, where my brother used to live. I hadn't been back in over five years probably, and we stayed in a different part of town, so I was completely disoriented. Not too disoriented that I couldn't find my way to a shopping district, mind you. And while these boots certainly are pretty, they are definitely not made for walking in city streets. I was tempted to shop the Hudson Bay Company's shoe department (the largest in Canada!) for some desperately needed comfort. But I withheld, seeing as I need to save money for Christmas presents! I'm about halfway done, but of course I shopped for the easiest people first...seriously, what do you get your dad??? And cool older brother??? Probably not velvety floral boots, but wouldn't that be so nice and easy.

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holiday beret

Monday, December 5, 2016

Coat: Topshop (old, similar, love this) / Sweater: J.Crew (on sale!) / Jeans: Topshop /
Boots: rag & bone / Beret: Nordstrom / Bag: Kate Spade / Lipstick: Clinique Matte Crimson

Right after I took these photos I saw a post on Man Repeller: "Can You Wear A Beret Without Looking Like An A-Hole?" I might amend it to "without looking like a French wannabe" or "a snobby trust fund baby," but either way you get the idea. When I see a beret (or any type of hat, for that matter) on other people, I don't think twice about how great it looks. And when I see an especially cute one like this in the store, I think, oh I've worn berets before, I have no fear of them! Still, putting one on always seems like a risk to me. But I've decided that my style is classic with a twist towards the quirky (what no, not like Zooey Deschanel, what?) - meaning, I think I'll never be able to wear an outfit like a plain red sweater with black jeans without adding something to it. And if that something is a blinged-out beret, well, that's just who I am, okay? ;)

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farewell fall

Friday, December 2, 2016

Here in Ohio there's not really a clear transition from fall to winter - it's more like, oh, here's some snow in mid-November, and now it's gone the next day. Or in this year's case, it's seventy degrees for two months straight and I'm a bit fed up but then totally unprepared when it snows overnight. My outfit round-up for fall this time (you can see summer's here) definitely reflects this weirdness - they're not really consistent! But I felt good in them, and the pictures look decent, so that's all that matters I guess.

Original post here.

Original post here.

Original post here.

And my top three purchases during fall were...

rag & bone boots / Old Navy Plaid Cape (similar) / Joanie Book Dress

It's starting to snow now as I write this! And I've already had hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music, so I guess it really is winter now. Welcome, little snowflakes!