stealing light from the pizza shop

Coat: Topshop (last year, love this one or similar) / Dress: Anthropologie (exact on eBay)
Boots: Dolce Vita (here or love these) / Earrings: LOFT / Necklace: Zara (old, similar)

I wish this title were from a cool Alex Turner song or the title of a new indie move I'm writing but it's just the actual situation of trying to take photos at night. On a whim we decided to go to a gallery show in Little Italy (the gallery is owned by Nana Franco, aka Mitzy Verne, aka Dave's and James' grandma!). I didn't have to get dressed up, but it had been a while since I had a chance to, so why not, right? The gallery was featuring prints by Kata Kata and they were so lovely. They are whimsical and childlike and organic and just wonderful! We ended up buying two prints, a large "dancing bear" and I picked out the "three bears" which I actually think looks more like one bear and her two adopted wolf babies, and of course I love that even more.

I'm still in England, or maybe France at this point, but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate!

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