rainy grey

Sweater: Topshop (similar) / Pants: LOFT (similar) / Shoes: Sole Society (similar, love these)
Hat: Janessa Leone / Necklace: Nordstrom (similar, similar) / Bag: vintage Chanel / Lipstick: Topshop "Wicked"

I think this might be one of my favorite outfits I've ever worn. I always try to look my best, but most of the time I just feel good about what I'm wearing - this outfit made me feel great. And honestly I talk about this a lot with my friends and with my mom and we all agree that there is something uplifting about wearing something you feel good in. I can sincerely say that when I wear something I like, I have a better day. When I feel blah in my outfit, my mood lowers too. Maybe it's our way of rationalizing all the shopping we do - but I truly believe that what you put on your body should and can make you feel good. And I really want to stress the you in all that - you should feel good most of all; it's great if you want to impress others but if the outfit doesn't make you smile what's the point?

Okay self-love talk aside. I wore this to go shopping around Williamsburg with my mom. We hit up Buffalo Exchange (where I scored some gorgeous J.Crew heels for 20 bucks) and then wandered into a Brooklyn boutique called Concrete + Water. Holy cow everything was gorgeous! They had a Samantha Pleet dress that I'd been dying over and a couple other labels I vaguely recognized. Everything was in blues and greys and clean lines, sharp edges. Very hip. Then my mom and I started noticing that everything only came in a size 2 as well... not as fun. Okay so they did have some bigger sizes, but the fact that my mom and I walked out with just accessories should tell you something. Mind you, they were wonderful accessories. My mom got a gorgeous pair of sunglasses that I want to steal from her and we both got the same pair of boots. Then I added this hat on a whim! I generally have a strict rule regarding mixing black and navy but I couldn't wait to try it on so here you are.

Hope you all are surviving finals/holiday stress! Thanks for reading.

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